Sunday, December 11, 2011

Healthy Slimming with V-Cappuccino

100% Original from MagicBoo Beauty Sdn. Bhd.
100% Natural Ingredients, 100% Quality
100% Safe and effective 
100% Halal certified
NO Additives, NO Colouring, NO Sweeteners, NO Preservatives!

This is not some product from China!
It is :-
Japan Formula, Manufactured in Malaysia 

" It is more than just a slimming product, it is a health product " 

" Works like a miracle for people with water retention/edema problem! "

Main Functions :-
  • Burning fat
  • Help in constipation
  • Improve digestive system
  • Reduce appetite
  • Increase metabolism rate
  • Reduce water retention
 4 Main ingredients 
1. Citrus Aurantium
- Contain synephrine and N-methyltyramine.
- To prevent constipation, gastrointestinal disorders and obesity.
- To stimulate metabolic rate, increase calorie burning.

2. Garcenia cambogia
- The active ingredient is HCA- hydroxycitric acid.
- Inhibitor of ATP citrate lyase, an enzyme to inhibit fatty acid synthesis.
- Suppress food intake.
- Protective effect on gastric mucosa by decrease the volume & acidity of gastric juice.

3. Oligo
- It is food for the beneficial bacterial.
- Help increase the amount of good bacteria in the colon.
- Help in digestion,nutrients absorption and peristalsis, good for skin.
- Soluble fiber helps in controling blood sugar and cholesterol.
- Low calorie for diet keeping.

4. Guarana
Guarana is herb that grows mainly in Brazil. It contains significant amounts of guaranine (one type of caffeine) and has been used for centuries by indigenous tribes to help reduce hunger, relieve fatigue, and treat diarrhea. Guarana able to break down and mobilize fat and use it for energy, makes it a "natural" way for fat loss and suppress appetite. Guarana extracts contain high antioxidants. Guarana extract showed a significant antibacterial effect. Guarana can reduce cellulite as well. 

Very effective slimming product - Can lose up to 5kg in 2 weeks!

Remedy for Edema and Water retention problems!

1 box (15 Sachets) = RM60
2 boxes (30 Sachets) = RM110 ( 1 month package )
3 boxes (45 Sachets) = RM160
4 boxes (60 Sachets)  = RM 200 ( 2 month package )

The key benefits are:

* To keep you fit and stay slim
* Great taste with low calories
* Keeps you alert and active for the day

The V cappuccino is ideal for individuals:

* To stay slim, slender and to keep fit
* Loves coffee
* Needs the extract 'boost' for the day.

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